Business meetings more productive and special.

We set the perfect conditions for every kind of meeting

Business meetings, with effort and creativity, may turn into true experiences.

In Utopicals. we take special care of the treatment we dispense our customers, the quality of ours services and the customization of every event to provide a unique and exclusive service to our clients.

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The relief provided by Utopicals. translates into a team coordinating throughout the entire process, in the design of the experience, the adaptation and customization, and the final implementation.


We look for the most appropriate accommodation for our customers.

Our work and knowledge on the ground allow us to assess every factor and find the most suitable accommodation for your meetings.

Unique venues

The venue is the axis in which meetings take place. Having unique venues at our disposal that can adapt to the characteristics of every event is necessary to achieve success.


Gastronomy is one of the most relevant aspects of events. Therefore, it is mandatory to have quality options that can adapt to every need of your events.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can offer advice to our customers so that they may enjoy the best gastronomic experience.


Quite often, trips pose a real logistics problem, due to the difficulty of coordinating various groups coming from different places.

In Utopicals. we understand that constant communication is key to an efficient coordination, so that we might be able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances without causing any harm to our client.


Among our services, we offer internal and external communication. Everyone attending must be fully aware of every detail of the event: the preparation of specific materials, online reminders, assistance control, sending of invitations, collecting feedback, etc.

If the event requires it, we can provide our communication services to broadcast the event in digital and traditional medias alike.

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