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Within the MICE field, we are a benchmark for the management of large events. Our unrivalled experience in the field allows us to offer a wide array of different options and assist our clients from their initial idea to the end product.

Our experts in events management work hand in hand with our professionals in marketing and communication, paying attention to detail to offer a comprehensive and personalized service.

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Products launch

The launch of new products is always a turning point and a risky bet for any corporation.

The moment a new offer is made public and the news are publicized must be handled with care, and in Utopicals we take special pride in doing so. Assisted by our team of experts, you will be able to devise the best way to convey your message, elaborate the event, and the most suitable communication plan.


Exhibitions, both requested by public and private entities, are events with a high social and cultural impact.

Therefore, we provide our clients with specialized services to consult and manage exhibitions that allow us to offer the best quality assurance.

Press conference

Press conferences are complex events conditioned by many factors. In Utopicals we are aware of the relevance of corporate communication and the impact it has on the corporation's image.

Thanks to our experts, we offer the best counsel and logistics coverage for the planning and the right implementation of these events. We pay special attention to the relation our clients have with media, and we personally handle the transmission of the message and the values our clients want to transmit.

Institutional events

Institutional events are large events with a tight schedule that must be met with accuracy. Therefore, following the protocol, the communication plan, and the security of the event is absolutely essential.

In Utopicals. we provide a quality and reliable service oriented to institutional events capitalizing on our experience and our team of experts.