Congresses and conventions

Planning and implementing congresses and conventions.

We look for the best features for every congress and every convention

The organization of congresses and conventions requires a great strategic, logistics and operative capacity to carry out successfully the different phases and areas of these activities.

in Utopicals. we specialize in this kind of events, offering a comprehensive service for our customers, so that they will only need to enjoy the experience.

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Accommodation and trips

The right organization of accommodation and trips in a congress is essential.

Managing large groups of people in unusual places might be challenging without proper logistics arrangements and the necessary inside knowledge.

Therefore, the management of accommodation and trips is one of the main issues that we work on, parallel to the management of the own event.


Managing talks in every events requires special attention.

Depending on the goals of the event, we advise and hire speakers and if necessary we can also arrange an automatic translation to ensure the event's success regardless of the languages involved.


The main challenge managing this kind of events is logistics. The vast amount of services and the management of different groups make this activity one of the most complicated to handle. To achieve that everything runs according to the plan, that every service meet the desired quality and time schedule, and to ensure the experience of participants is the greatest logistic challenge.

In Utopicals, we offer a logistic plan based on our experience and improved by our inside knowledge to avoid any foreseeable issue or, in case of any unexpected event, to be prepared and resolve it and continue with the.

Technical coverage

The technical coverage we offer for congresses and conventions stands out for the quality and trust offered to our clients.

From a simple talk which only requires a sound system and a projector and screen to watch slides, to large conventions with rooms hosting video conferences and online meetings, simultaneous translation, filming of the event, online streaming, augmented reality. Our technical coverage along with our team of experts can meet the needs anything our clients may request.